Lewa offers low pulsation for vaccine production

Lewa offers low pulsation for vaccine production
Reliable vaccine production depends on hygienic, high-precision pumps. (Image: Gerd Altmann/pixabay)

The Italian subsidiary of German pump manufacturer Lewa has supplied its high-precision, low-pulsation diaphragm pumps to a US pharmaceutical company based in Italy involved in the mass production of Covid-19 vaccines.

Vaccine producers must avoid dosing errors or fluctuations when conveying ingredients and dosing must be without contamination. The company needed high-precision, low-pulsation pumps that are hermetically tight and certified in accordance with ATEX standards. In addition, the short time for production and delivery of the pumps posed a challenge.

The vaccine producer turned to Lewa-Nikkiso Italy, a subsidiary of Lewa based in Germany. Lewa has manufactured specialist pumps for the pharmaceutical industry for over 25 years and offered the steam-cleanable and FDA-compliant version of the hermetically tight Ecodos model in sizes LEF3 and LEG3 with explosion protection.

The company said that the hermetically tight pump with a quadruple PTFE sandwich diaphragm and diaphragm rupture monitoring guarantees 100% metering reliability.  The combination of three pump heads with a common, precisely controllable motor, ensures low-pulsation delivery and the pressure-stiff characteristic curve of the pumps offers good fluid quantity reproducibility.

Lewa offers low pulsation for vaccine production
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