Krohne introduces new pressure transmitter

Krohne introduces new pressure transmitter
The Optibar PM 3050 compact pressure transmitter is for pressure and level applications.

Krohne’s Optibar PM 3050 is a compact pressure transmitter for pressure and level applications with 2-wire 4…20mA HART communication, intended for use in the food & beverage, water & wastewater, iron & steel, OEM/automation and other process industries.

Typical applications include absolute and gauge pressure measurement of gases, vapours and liquids, hydrostatic level measurement in open tanks, pressure monitoring in pipelines, dry-run protection of pumps or compressor monitoring.

Optibar PM 3050 is designed for applications which need a device between Krohne’s ultra compact pressure transmitters and the high-end process series Optibar 5060. It can be used for process temperatures between -40–150°C/-40–302°F without additional diaphragm seal. For aggressive media and/or higher temperatures, it can be combined with the Optibar DSP series diaphragm seal assemblies, providing a temperature decoupling up to 400°C/752°F.

The measuring range reaches from 0.1–100 bar/1.45–1450 psi, with a smallest measuring range of 100 mbar/1.45 psi and a measuring accuracy up to ±0.1% of set span. It offers high overload factors especially for small measuring ranges, and a quick step response time < 80 ms.


Krohne introduces new pressure transmitter
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