VSX offers new version of Spaix software

The latest Spaix version from VSX – Vogel Software has new functions integrated into it for the optimal configuration and curve calculation of centrifugal pumps.

The new Spaix 5 version 2021 includes optimisation of program performance and improved features for better pump selection.

For electric motors, users can now specify the desired efficiency class for the drive selection, regardless of the manufacturer or motor series. In addition, the recently introduced function for sizing combustion engines is now included in the standard scope of the application.

The new version includes cable selection and a new option for the curve display in Spaix 5. The cable selection function allows an extended selection for submersible motor and borehole pumps according to cable cross-sections and lengths for the current consumption depending on operating conditions.

The new curve display function is the Akima-Spline curve type, which is available for all functions, such as H(Q), P(Q), NPSH(Q) and allows a representation of atypical curve shapes where the previous types have led to undesired deviations.

Spaix 5 version 2021 is available free to all customers with a maintenance contract.



VSX offers new version of Spaix software
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