Vogelsang launches suction coupling

Vogelsang launches suction coupling
Vogelsang's new low-drip suction coupling is for hygienic wastewater disposal in the railway sector.

Vogelsang’s new EasyConnect Eco WD is a low-drip suction coupling for hygienic wastewater disposal in the railway sector, connecting the train’s on-board toilet tank to the suction hose of a disposal system.

The EasyConnect Eco WD has a new coupling mechanism. The side locking elements can be moved axially by operating the smooth-running lever. The suction valve opens when the coupling is connected to the nozzle on the toilet tank. Unlike traditional lever arm couplings, there is no need to flip the locking elements. This improves hygiene for the user and significantly reduces the risk of infection, as the user no longer needs to reach into the contamination area of the connecting piece with their hands and so comes into less contact with the wastewater.

Due to its compact design, the suction coupling can also be attached to the nozzle of the wastewater tank in confined installation spaces. Robust plastic elements mean the coupling weighs less than 5 kg, less than conventional couplings made of steel or other metallic materials.

Vogelsang launches suction coupling
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