Unibloc adds to QuickStrip line

Unibloc adds to QuickStrip line
Uniblocs new QS FF 600 pump has safety features which help combat the most common sources of foreign material.

Unibloc Pump, a US manufacturer of sanitary positive displacement pumps and products, has introduced the new QuickStrip FoodFirst (QS FF) 600 pump to its QuickStrip series designed for the food processing industry.

The new pump uses fewer parts, features one-way assembly and is less susceptible to damage during cleaning, which can introduce foreign material into the process stream.

The QS FF 600 pump is made from stainless steel, including fully stainless rotors. Its new safety features help combat two of the most common sources of foreign material which are front cover O-rings and rotor bolts.

The pump’s new specifications allow it to be fully operable without the use of a front cover O-ring which eliminates the risk of the O-ring tearing or pinching, often a cause of contamination.

The QS FF 600 also features a one-piece rotor bolt for simple reassembly after cleaning. A simplified locking mechanism holds the rotor bolt in place, and new reverse threading of the shaft ensures the rotor bolt won’t loosen or back out during processing.



Unibloc adds to QuickStrip line
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