Sulzer’s new UK service centre nears completion

Work on Sulzer’s new service centre in Birmingham, UK is continuing to schedule and the facility is expected to open towards the end of autumn 2020.

With the building watertight, the focus is now on the internal workshop area and offices.

“Now that it is watertight, we can really make some progress inside this fantastic building,” said Warren Bell, project manager for Sulzer. “The office floors are in and soon we will have a massive concrete pour for the workshop floor. Once this is complete, we will really start to see the various business areas take shape.”

While the construction work continues, plans are being finalised to move the staff and their tools and equipment to the new facility. A specialist logistics company will relocate all of the machinery and equipment over a two-month period.

“This new facility will be an engineering centre of excellence using lean manufacturing principles to ensure an enhanced customer experience,” said Chris Powles, head of Electro Mechanical Services – EMEA at Sulzer. “The improved working environment and more efficient processes will benefit our employees as well as our customers, who will have uninterrupted, high-level service throughout the transition to the new site.”

Sulzer’s new UK service centre nears completion
The new Sulzer workshop has been designed to optimise efficiency and workflow.
Sulzer’s new UK service centre nears completion
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