Landia aids Chinese agriculture & biogas projects

Landia aids Chinese agriculture & biogas projects
In Luannan County, China, manure from dairy cattle will provide part of the feedstock for six new biogas digesters, which will be mixed with Landias GasMix.

Landia has secured a major new order for its GasMix biogas digester mixing system in Luannan County, approximately 250 km east of Beijing, an area committed to significantly developing agriculture in China.

Luannan County is already generating a total annual value of more than 3 billion yuan (US$446 million) from about 13,000 hectares of land and there is growing demand for dairy products. Milk production in China back in the 1970s was also zero but today it is close to 40 million tonnes annually and China is now the world’s fourth largest milk producer. The country is also seeing greatly increased consumption of meat, eggs and cheese.

Landia’s GasMix system will be installed on six digesters (7,500 m³), using sand-laden chicken manure and cow manure as primary feedstock. Externally-mounted so that no moving parts are inside the biogas digesters, a total of 24 GasMix units are to be installed, each using the Landia Chopper Pump.

This latest contract in China for Landia follows several important orders for its wastewater pumps and mixers in the country.



Landia aids Chinese agriculture & biogas projects
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