Graphalloy fast turnaround for customer emergency

Graphalloy fast turnaround for customer emergency
The Graphalloy spiral groove pump bushing was manufactured and shipped within an hour.

The Graphite Metallizing Corporation, manufacturers of self-lubricating Graphalloy bushing materials for tough applications, has announced a record turnaround of one hour for a customer emergency.

The customer was a pump repair centre which contacted the Graphalloy Sales Engineering team near the end of the business day on Friday. One of its clients needed a spiral-grooved, Graphalloy nickel grade pump bushing as soon as possible for outage work.

A Graphalloy engineer then went to the manufacturing department with the bushing dimensions and material specification, and it was able to create the bushing, while the inspection department was able to verify the dimensions, so that the part could be shipped within an hour.

The customer received the part on Saturday morning and later called back to request two more bushings. The engineer was again able to coordinate with the manufacturing, inspection, and shipping departments to get the parts to the customer by Monday morning.

The company prides itself on meeting the customer’s time constraints and providing quick turnaround but a one-hour turnaround for a custom bushing was a particularly noteworthy achievement for all concerned.

Graphalloy fast turnaround for customer emergency
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