Atlas Copco develops new app

Atlas Copco develops new app
The Atlas Copco DZS vacuum pump is one of the products supported by the new app.

The free VSD+ app from Atlas Copco allows vacuum pumps to be controlled and monitored in real time from a smartphone and is initially available for the models DZS 100, 200 and 400 VSD+ claw vacuum pumps and the GVS A VSD+ oil-injected rotary vane pump.

With the app, the fixed speed DZS claw pump can be operated as a speed-controlled pump. The performance of the pump can be precisely adjusted to the respective process requirements, so that excessive vacuum generation can be avoided. As a result, the app individually adjusts power consumption.

It automatically connects via an integrated Bluetooth interface as soon as the pump is started. Once the desired parameters have been entered into the smartphone, the pump can be put into operation immediately. Performance data and settings can be viewed in real time, allowing parameters such as inlet pressure, rotor speed, operating hours and maintenance intervals to be checked at any time and adjusted as necessary.

The Atlas Copco VSD+ app requires the mobile operating systems IOS 8.0 and Android 4.03 as a minimum.


Atlas Copco develops new app
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