PCM buys Halliburton Energy Services’ Europump business

PCM Artificial Lift Solutions Inc has acquired Halliburton Energy Services Inc’s Canada Progressive Cavity Pump Business Line known as Europump.

The transaction included all of the equipment, inventory, technology and the majority of the employees of Europump.

Europump provides progressive cavity pumps (PCPs), surface equipment (both hydraulic and electric packages), field services and technical support for the oil & gas industry.

As part of the transaction, Halliburton and PCM have entered into a transition services agreement that will enable a smooth continuation of business through a brief transition period.

“PCM is absolutely delighted with this significant opportunity of adding Europump’s experienced people, technology and legacy in the Canadian oil patch to our artificial lift solutions group” said Alex Damnjanovic, director of PCM Oil & Gas.

“We are committed to making sure customer inquiries and service calls continue as ordinary course of business, for all of our new and existing clients,” said Richard Plain, PCM O&G Canadian country manager. “We are pleased that the newly combined organisation will pool its talent and product offering, giving customers more choice in selecting what’s best and cost effective for their operations.”

“It’s important to know that we can confidently continue to provide our very best to Europump’s ongoing customer base”, says Garrett Girard, Europump sales manager. “It’s great being part of a new team, committed to serving the customer”.

PCM was founded in 1932 by René Moineau, the inventor of the progressive cavity pump. In 2012, the French pump company made the strategic move to go direct to customers in Canada, acquiring Amik Oilfield Equipment in 2014 and Cougar Wellhead Services in 2019.

PCM buys Halliburton Energy Services’ Europump business
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