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Flat Sheet Membrane Bioreactors (MBR) Efficacy

Flat Sheet Membrane Bioreactors (MBR) Efficacy


October 19, 2020

By Line
By Amos Branch, Nicola Fontaine, Larry Morris, Hiro Kuge, Yasushi Terao, Andrew Gilmore & Andrew Salveson

End of life demonstration of virus and protozoa LRV for flat sheet MBRs

viruses and protozoa
The apparatus for high volume filtrate sampling of viruses and protozoa at Lake of the Pines WWTP MBR.
About The Author

Amos Branch is water reuse technologist, Nicola Fontaine is principal technologist and associate vice president, Andrew Gilmore is MBR chief technologist and vice president, and Andrew Salveson is water reuse practice director for Carollo Engineers. Larry Morris is R&D scientist, Hiro Kuge is technology manager and Siamak Modaressi is application engineer, and Yasushi Terao is general manager of the Kubota Water & Environment R&D Center for Kubota Membrane USA Corp. These authors can be reached at

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